Memorizing You

Memorizing You - Dan Skinner I loved this book, I could feel the joy and the pain of a coming-of-age love in the 60´s.
“I think you’re beautiful"“And you devastate me"
Well, this book has devastated me for real.

"Love really is…pure magic. It comes from”—she gestured toward the heavens—”out there. And it falls like pixie dust wherever it wants. And when it does…you can fly"

“When the landscape of real life gets ugly, we can pick up a book of fantasy and find a beautiful world, all green and filled with sunshine. When we can’t find an end to something sad, there’s always a novel where everything turns out okay and makes us feel better about things. And even though we know they’re made up, we think that maybe there’s just a possibility, in spite of all the ugliness around us, we really do have a chance to make it all work out. Because we read it. And we wanted it to be real"