Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan

4+ Stars

I loved this book, I've really enjoyed it a lot.

In this instalment Sam and Mac are in the second group, they don't want to love each other, they  only want to liberate their desire, his sexual atraction is electrifying.

The topic is centered in the no committed relationship between Sam (FBI agent) and Mac (bar manager and former firefighter), both gorgeous alpha males living far apart and who the destiny makes collide. They are only interested to take care of his high sexual attraction but not wanting to commit in nothing more. The history involves a serial killer case who is massacring gay guys in the state, which Sam is trying to resolve. Six degrees of Lust has a dynamic reading differently of I am accustomed. It has a lot of secondary characters that have his own POV most of them, and his own personal history. At the beginning it seemed a little distracting, but eventually I loved the secondary characters too. There are some things that seem a little unrealistic, everybody is gorgeous and gay friendly, or gay or bi, excepting some homophobic family issues, and the history is like an ensemble where everybody and everything has a connection.

The thing that  most disliked me while reading, was the constant repetition that Mac makes about Sam, referring him like "his guy" a countless number of times.

Well, I loved Mac and Sam , even if I wanted to punch Sam face several times , the guy doesn’t stop to make the opposite thing that arranges with Mac, and this drives Mac, and me, crazy.

"I don't bottom for  anyone. Ever" Sam was convinced he was a natural top and always upfront about it. Until Mac

This first part doesn’t have a proper ending, it is more like a "to be continued" that a cliffhanger, anyway, thanks God the second one is already released ;) I'm very intrigued in how this is going to end.
 I've just found that is going to be a third one, and I don't know when is going to be released ;(, so I suppose the second one won't give me a complete resolution.