Amazing second installment of the by degrees series.

Six Degrees of Separation - Taylor V. Donovan

This second one begins just where the first one ends, I love when the continuation of a book skipes the continuous reminder that some authors do when reading a sequel, this one just seems that you are reading the same book.

The relationship that evolves between Sam and Mac is just awesome, love their banter.

"You're my biggest pain in the ass, I swear to God" Sam mumbled "Oh darlin', I haven´t even begun to make your ass hurt" Mac rasped, "but something tells me you're goin' to love it when I do".


"It was his idea to get in the Jacuzzi together and let the hot bibbling water soothe away all lingering thoughts about the case, and Mac's idea to finish uo by giving each other a full body massage"

It's surprising how finally all characters get interconnected like puzzle pieces, and even if it seems unrealistic It didn't bother much to me.

The crime evolves in a slow pace, and seems to get connected in crimes that are take place in Houston, trying to get help from the police in charge of the case there, this added more characters to a history already full of them, but they are so great that It didn't bother to me either.

I should say that this series is 50% MM romance-50% thriller, the spaces between them are so large sometimes, that is easy forget about the crime case and viceversa, there are large parts where Sam and Mac are not present in the book, because, like in the first one there are a lot of POVs, that focus into their personal history.

I love too that having a third book not released yet, this one didn't let me with a cliffhanger, the case isn't resolved yet, but have progressed to a point where all seem more clear, and the relationship between Sam and Mac has made a great progression. It doesn't mean that I won't be waiting the third book impatiently.