Maybe a little distracting ;)

Unexpected and amazing

Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome, #1) - Richard Rider

This book grabbed me completely by surprise, because there is no real Stockholm Syndrome in it. It really wasn't what I was expecting and I found it original and completely refreshing. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed it a lot.

The history involves two completely opposite characters that stick/repel together like magnets. Lindsay and Valentine have nothing in common, and have a big age gap, they begin their relationship in surreal circumstances but each one provides what the other needs.




Lindsay    description

The book is centered in their disfunctional dependent relationship, the sex is explosive and kinky, giving only glimpses of the secondary characters and what happens around them, only in the end all blows up and the action takes place.

"I ain't scared. Not really. I die by your side is such a heavenly way to die" "Oh, fuck off" "I do not want the last song I ever hear to be fucking Morrisey" " "Yeah, it's the Smiths, actually"

The banter between them is brilliant, Valentine made me grin almost during the whole book, he is a little crazy annoying brat who gets attached to Lindsay, desperately trying to leave his abusing father and alcoholic mother, but he got under my skin, even with some horrible things he makes.

"Would you let me..use things on you?" " Things?" " Like. I don't know. Toys." "I'm guessing you ain't talking about Lego"

"Let me in you bastard, I'm freezing, my balls're the size if fucking Tic-Tacs"

"Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael..they got any Donatello here? Cos then we seen all the Turtles and we can go home"

P.S. Loved the cover too

Fearless - Chris O'Guinn

Great coming of age YA book, even if it let me very sad. It relates the importance of how the real friendship can change your life, and how some things that people take for granted, a lot of times, are not true. Like one of the things I took for granted here.



The book is written in first POV, and is like you really are in a fifteen years old boy mind, the only downside is that I would like that the book had been longer, that the author had deepened in some parts of the history that I found little rushed.



Amazing second installment of the by degrees series.

Six Degrees of Separation - Taylor V. Donovan

This second one begins just where the first one ends, I love when the continuation of a book skipes the continuous reminder that some authors do when reading a sequel, this one just seems that you are reading the same book.

The relationship that evolves between Sam and Mac is just awesome, love their banter.

"You're my biggest pain in the ass, I swear to God" Sam mumbled "Oh darlin', I haven´t even begun to make your ass hurt" Mac rasped, "but something tells me you're goin' to love it when I do".


"It was his idea to get in the Jacuzzi together and let the hot bibbling water soothe away all lingering thoughts about the case, and Mac's idea to finish uo by giving each other a full body massage"

It's surprising how finally all characters get interconnected like puzzle pieces, and even if it seems unrealistic It didn't bother much to me.

The crime evolves in a slow pace, and seems to get connected in crimes that are take place in Houston, trying to get help from the police in charge of the case there, this added more characters to a history already full of them, but they are so great that It didn't bother to me either.

I should say that this series is 50% MM romance-50% thriller, the spaces between them are so large sometimes, that is easy forget about the crime case and viceversa, there are large parts where Sam and Mac are not present in the book, because, like in the first one there are a lot of POVs, that focus into their personal history.

I love too that having a third book not released yet, this one didn't let me with a cliffhanger, the case isn't resolved yet, but have progressed to a point where all seem more clear, and the relationship between Sam and Mac has made a great progression. It doesn't mean that I won't be waiting the third book impatiently.

Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan

4+ Stars

I loved this book, I've really enjoyed it a lot.

In this instalment Sam and Mac are in the second group, they don't want to love each other, they  only want to liberate their desire, his sexual atraction is electrifying.

The topic is centered in the no committed relationship between Sam (FBI agent) and Mac (bar manager and former firefighter), both gorgeous alpha males living far apart and who the destiny makes collide. They are only interested to take care of his high sexual attraction but not wanting to commit in nothing more. The history involves a serial killer case who is massacring gay guys in the state, which Sam is trying to resolve. Six degrees of Lust has a dynamic reading differently of I am accustomed. It has a lot of secondary characters that have his own POV most of them, and his own personal history. At the beginning it seemed a little distracting, but eventually I loved the secondary characters too. There are some things that seem a little unrealistic, everybody is gorgeous and gay friendly, or gay or bi, excepting some homophobic family issues, and the history is like an ensemble where everybody and everything has a connection.

The thing that  most disliked me while reading, was the constant repetition that Mac makes about Sam, referring him like "his guy" a countless number of times.

Well, I loved Mac and Sam , even if I wanted to punch Sam face several times , the guy doesn’t stop to make the opposite thing that arranges with Mac, and this drives Mac, and me, crazy.

"I don't bottom for  anyone. Ever" Sam was convinced he was a natural top and always upfront about it. Until Mac

This first part doesn’t have a proper ending, it is more like a "to be continued" that a cliffhanger, anyway, thanks God the second one is already released ;) I'm very intrigued in how this is going to end.
 I've just found that is going to be a third one, and I don't know when is going to be released ;(, so I suppose the second one won't give me a complete resolution.

60 Percent Proof (By Degrees, #1.5) - Taylor V. Donovan 3,5 Burning Stars.

Life Lessons (Life Lessons, #1)

Life Lessons - Kaje Harper 3,5 Stars

Safeword (Power Exchange, #2)

Safeword (Power Exchange, #2) - A.J.  Rose Great second part of Power Exchange, with a much more intriguing and interesting crime case that in the first one.

Ben and Gavin make an amazing couple, trying to overcome the trauma that leave them with a complete lack of confidence in each other to restore their D/S relationship, and that make the best moments of the book.

There are few things that I didn't like it: some technical aspects about DNA (that sure nobody mind but me), the lack of Ben POV, I´d really love to be in his mind, and the end, I didn´t like that Myah, even if I liked her so much, steals the protagonism in the end of the book, and I couldn´t see more of Ben and Gavin after the resolution of the case.

Falling Away

Falling Away - Lisa Henry 3.5 Stars.
Lovely short read that let me craving for more.
Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose 3.75 stars

I enjoyed it but I couldn't love it completely
Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan 3.5 Stars

Memorizing You

Memorizing You - Dan Skinner I loved this book, I could feel the joy and the pain of a coming-of-age love in the 60´s.
“I think you’re beautiful"“And you devastate me"
Well, this book has devastated me for real.

"Love really is…pure magic. It comes from”—she gestured toward the heavens—”out there. And it falls like pixie dust wherever it wants. And when it does…you can fly"

“When the landscape of real life gets ugly, we can pick up a book of fantasy and find a beautiful world, all green and filled with sunshine. When we can’t find an end to something sad, there’s always a novel where everything turns out okay and makes us feel better about things. And even though we know they’re made up, we think that maybe there’s just a possibility, in spite of all the ugliness around us, we really do have a chance to make it all work out. Because we read it. And we wanted it to be real"

Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #3)

Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #3) - Santino Hassell,  Ais 4,75 stars

Final thoughts to come. Now I'm on severe withdrawal;(
Knights Out (City Knight #4) (Pulp Friction) - T.A. Webb Like always I love the way T.A. Webb translates the emotions into words, is all about feelings and feeling them.

I enjoyed this short history a lot, it let me craving for more, I hope we will have more, no, It has to be more. I love Marcus and Ben, and I love how his relationship developes, and how emotional and human they are, the dialogues between them are awesome.

In this part is going to be problems on the street where Ben worked, letting me heartbroken, and Marcus discover that some family is nearest than he believes.

"Now that I fucked your brains out, care to tell me what had you so tense?" "I don´t see brains anywhere. Perhaps you were mistaken"

Love on a Wing and a Prayer

Love on a Wing and a Prayer - T.A. Webb 4,5 Stars

A delightful, wonderfully well written, sweet short history, that put a huge grin in my face before going to sleep.

Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2)

Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2) - Santino Hassell,  Ais
I love long books because I just totally involved with the characters, and this is a looong book, maybe a little too long.

I´ve got mixed feelings with Afterimage, I´ve enjoyed a lot the beggining and the end but in the middle, during Boyd training, it was a little hard to get through, when there is too much time with no change of POV.

There remains a lot of dissertation on Boyd´s head and Hsin carry less weight in this part, but it is more interesting, Hsin needs to confront his disorder and discover how to behave like a normal human being, and try to empathize with people without hurting feelings, and this is going to be difficult for him.


It´s almost impossible to post something without spoil anything, I only can say that It was worth the reading but I think I enjoyed a little more Evenfall. This is more painful and heartbreaking, I don´t mind the angst, but It´s less dynamic I would like more dialogue and interaction.

Hsin made my heart wrench in pain and I wanted to slap Boyd face with all my force,and my feelings for Kassian have changed from love in the first one to hate in this one.
I missed Ryan a lot in this one too, he appears too little and too late and he´ s so cute and adorable...
I was right about Emilio and I´m curious to know what is going to happen between him and Hsin.
Anyway I'm hooked and I´m going to read Interludes right now

Pura Vida

Pura Vida - Sara Alva 4.5 Stars

This lhnb history narrates the sweet summer romance between Simon, a high class young American guy that is in vacation in Costa Rica with his parents, and a local guy, Juan, who works in an ecological center taking care of turtle nests.

I enjoyed a lot this short YA history, both for literary reasons like personal ones (the biologist that lives in me). I´m glad that Sara Alva gets so correctly a glimpse of the reality and gives a message of actual facts, even if it is tangentially in a romance book, this is not an activism book, but the message is there, and the problem is real. This book remembered me especially a young conservationist that was murdered in Costa Rica, Jairo Mora Sandoval, and Juan could be perfectly inspired in him.
murdered turtle conservationist

Reading it, has brought me again to my vacations in Riviera Maya last year, where I could see in first person the work volunteers do in ecological centers, really watching turtle nests during the night and identifying and protecting them, trying to warn tourists that flash camera light, white light lanterns, and trying to touch the turtles while they try to make her nest, made that the turtles get scared and return to the ocean. Really this book made me return completely there.
ecological center night excursionPalapa sorrounded by turtle nests

I think this history could have made a great long book.